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Achieving that finish

Every piece of glass work undergoes a number of processes to get that finish just right. Even a single coaster once fused will be diamond finished and edged by hand before going back in the kiln for a fire polish. The process may be long, but at Craft Fusion our standards are high. These are not just coasters, they are a work of art and craftsmanship.

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Isla Contoy ( Contoy Island )

New piece added to the site today "Isla Contoy" This vessel is named and inspired by my visit to Contoy Island situated in the Caribbean.  It is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places I have ever been. White sands and  lush green vegetation. 

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Fresh out of the kiln.

Fresh out of the kiln today at Craft Fusion. A new piece showing great effects, stunning with light casting through it, gives of a real electric blue. Next will be to wrap it into its sculptural from.

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Wecome to the all new Craft Fusion website.

So this is the new all new Craft fusion website with lots of great new work. I've been working hard since the start of the year developing new ideas as well as keeping up with all the orders from all the galleries. Some people will miss the old classic range but after the birth of my daughter at the end of last year, I felt it was time to move away from that and take my work onto the next level and start putting everything that's been whirling in my head into practice. The feed back has been great. This...

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